This book is a guide for creating CosmWasm smart contracts with Sylvia framework. It will lead you step by step, and explain relevant topics from the easiest to the trickier ones.

The idea of the book is not only to tell you about smart contracts API but also to show you how to do it in a clean and maintainable way. We will show you patterns that CosmWasm creators established and encouraged you to use.

This book is a redo of cosmwasm-book. To see advantage of using sylvia you can compare development of smart contracts in both of these titles.


This book explores CosmWasm smart contracts. It is not a Rust tutorial, and it assumes basic Rust knowledge. As you will probably learn it alongside this book, I strongly recommend grasping the language itself first. You can find great resources to start with Rust on Learn Rust page.

CosmWasm API documentation

This is the guide-like documentation. If you are looking for the API documentation, you may be interested in checking one of the following:

Contributing to the book

This book is maintained on Github and auto deployed from there. Please create an issue or pull request if you find any mistakes, bugs, or ambiguities.


This book is still under construction so be aware that in places it might feel a little bit disjointed.